How to use



  1. Download tools from this Link Download
  2. Drag and drop dowanloded file on terminal.
  3. After this, installation process start while this process may be ask your mac Password.
  4. Jailbreack Your Device
  5. Open tool and select required service from dropdown menu.
  6. Connect your device to your mac
  7. copy your UDID/ Serial Number And paste it above in payment box, or your Provider
  8. Once your payment is done your IMEI will be automatically registered on the server.
  9. Remove any simcard, turn on WiFi in your device and click Bypass to start the process.
  10. If process is successfull a message will popup: "Bypass done... connect wifi and process to complete from Home Menu, Done. Enjoy it!
  11. If your device didnt receive a successfull message then contact support, provider,